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Project Description

is my
MA Diploma

210 x 297 mm, 60 p.

+ VHS tape,
in envelope.

is a reconstructed and one hundred percent made up set of documents from the period of 2007-13, yet still characterized by semblance of factual accuracy. This is a biased archive where the overview of the past events was crafted from a perspective of its creation. Both painful and joyful events were digested, lessons have been learned and the emotions once alive have been shifted into the realm of memories and history.

Memory does not work in linear way, it is rather a map or a set of links and references. Recalling some facts, emotions and sensations we create system of links, so we can smoothly move on to other memories, which we wouldn’t reach so easy using only rational reasoning. Once started, such memorywork does not end within the imposed limits of time and space, which is why 88081201420/2007/13 project needed an extra carrier – in this case an innate memory carrier from my childhood days – a VHS tape. It contains a spoken story of each illustration in the book. Its up to a viewer whether to fuss trying to find a VHS player and to delve into an intimate and perhaps somehow boring realm of one’s memories or if to remain on the surface level of visual narrative contained in the book.

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